Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Work in Progress: July 2016

Here is a group of new photographs shot in May and June 2016.

Photo Shoot, Guggenheim Museum, NYC, 2016, © Robert Forlini

Dog Walkers, NYC, 2016, © Robert Forlini

Man and Bear, Stormville, NY, 2016, © Robert Forlini

Headless Doll, Stormville, NY, 2016, © Robert Forlini

Dancing, Anniversary Party, Cortlandt Manor, NY, 2016, © Robert Forlini

Family, Farmers' Market, Cold Spring, NY, © Robert Forlini

Quinn and Phoebe Swimming, Lake Peekskill, NY, 2016, © Robert Forlini

Twilight, Hillsborough Bay, Tampa, FL, 2016, © Robert Forlini

Phoebe in Pool, Tampa, FL, 2016, © Robert Forlini


  1. Very nice! Always a delight to see new work.

  2. These are great. I remember feeling lost floating in the pool. I thought if I could stay that way I would be okay and the trip would work out.

  3. Fabulous. I really like the dog walker photo... for obvious reasons! I can feel how relaxed Aunt Phoebe is floating in the pool... Aaah!

  4. Quinn's struggle with the inflatable! What a moment caught!