Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Work in Progress, August 2011

Here are some new photographs which were shot in June and July 2011.
People at Fountain, NYC,  2011 © Robert Forlini

Women with Canes, NYC, 2011 © Robert Forlini

Woman Reading, NYC, 2011 © Robert Forlini

Businessmen, NYC, 2011 © Robert Forlini

Curious Dog, NYC, 2011 © Robert Forlini

Parking Sign, NYC, 2011 © Robert Forlini

Woman Smoking, NYC, 2011 © Robert Forlini

Woman on Cell Phone, Chinatown, NYC, 2011 © Robert Forlini

Couple, NYC, 2011 © Robert Forlini

Graduation Party, Lake Peekskill, NY, 2011 © Robert Forlini

Senior Prom, Putnam Valley, NY, 2011 © Robert Forlini

Lake Party, Lake Peekskill, NY, 2011 © Robert Forlini

Friday, August 12, 2011

"La Festa: Italian Festivals in America" Photo Book by Robert Forlini Now Available

You don't have to be Italian to love a feast! I have just published the long awaited book of images from my Italian-American Festivals series entitled La Festa: Italian Festivals in AmericaIt is 44 pages and contains 41 black and white and color photographs, many of which have not been previously seen in exhibitions or on my website. I feel that these pictures really capture the spirit and "Italian-ness" of the Festa. It's just like being at the Feast except without the sausage and peppers! You will enjoy returning to its pages again and again. It is beautifully printed and available softcover for $31.95 and hardbound with image cover for $44.95. Preview and purchase directly online from Blurb Books at the link below:

Feast of the Giglio, Brooklyn. NY 1999
© Robert Forlini
Feast of St. Anthony, New York, NY 2000
© Robert Forlini