Saturday, August 21, 2010

PHOTOcentric 2010 at Garrison Arts Center Sept.3-26; Reception Fri. Sept. 3, 6-9pm

Andrew Jackson's Tomb, Nashville, TN 2009
© Robert Forlini
I will be exhibiting two photos, Andrew Jackson's Tomb, Nashville, TN 2009 and Girls Fishing, Lake Peekskill, NY 2009 in this year's PHOTOcentric show at the Garrison Arts Center. The show was juried by eminent photographers Stephen Shore and Harvey Stein, and I am thrilled to be a part of it. The show runs from September 3-26, 2010, with an opening reception on Friday, September 3 from 6-8pm. The Garrison Arts Center is located at 23 Garrison's Landing in Garrison, NY 10524, about an hour drive from New York City and easily accessible by Metro-North Hudson Line trains from Grand Central Terminal. For further information, you may contact the gallery at 845-424-3960 or at I hope you can make it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Write Up on Hey Hot Shot! Blog

Lemonade Stand, Rhinebeck, NY 2009
© Robert Forlini
     First off, apologies to both of my followers for the dearth of posts lately. People often ask me if I have a Facebook or Twitter page. The answer is no for now. I have a hard enough time keeping up with this blog! One reason is that not that many interesting things happen to me. Another is that I'm probably spending too much time shooting on the street or laboring in my darkroom. Remember, I savor time away from my computer. I guess I still prefer reality to virtual reality.
     In other news, my photos just received a nice write up on the Hey Hot Shot! Blog. For those of you not familiar with it, HHS! is a photography competition project of the Jen Bekman Gallery in New York. Occasional contenders are selected to be featured on the site's blog, and mine was one of them. Shout out to Casey A. Gollan who wrote the piece, and who dug a little deeper into the archives of my web site to see beyond my original submission.
HHS! Contender: Robert Forlini