Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Black and White" Is Vermont PhotoPlace Gallery's New Online Exhibit

Ice Skating, Lake Peekskill, NY 2004     ©Robert Forlini
My photograph, Ice Skating, Lake Peekskill, NY 2004, has been selected by juror Dan Burkholder, to appear in and exhibition entitled "Black and White" at Vermont PhotoPlace Gallery's Online Gallery Annex. To quote from the juror's statement,   "
The images thrust me onto another plane of appreciation for those practitioners who have honed their vision into shades of gray, embracing one of photography’s earliest and most honored ways of expressing the photographic image...t
he black and white photograph distills our range of perception, forcing a contemplation of the shapes, the light, and the stories behind the image before us...
 Put simply, it’s magical!" In addition, the picture will be published in an exhibition catalog which will be available through the gallery web site.

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